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Scientist and illustrator, I am ready to turn your research into a beautiful and compelling graphic that that generates impact.

The publishing process does not have to be endless and painful.
With the right support, you could turn figures preparation into fun and joy.


Graphical Abstracts

To tell your paper story with an eye-grabbing infographic

Figure Formating

To make your figures clear and professional


To showcase your research to the  world.



Olga Markova, PhD
Artist and Bio-Physisit

As a Scientist I published my research in a wide range of academic journals including PRL, Nature, and Science. As an Artist I founded and illustrated “Esprits Curieux” Sci-Art Books Collection.

Passionate about both art and science, I use my scientific expertise to understand your ideas and my art skills to create an original and memorable visual representation of your thoughts and discoveries.

My goal is to boost your article citation and acceptance rates with appealing and clear visual supports.
I stay with you throughout the process until manuscript acceptance.

A proven process that lets us work together at a distance

I efficiently communicate with you and share my progress.
You’ll be in full control the entire time, with opportunities to provide feedback at each key stage of the process:so there will be no surprises.

Text —> Concept  >>> Approval >>> Illustration  — >>> Approval


Cela a été un véritable plaisir de travailler avec Olga. Scientifique de haut niveau tant dans le domaine de la physique que de la biologie, elle est aussi une artiste très talentueuse. J’ai travaillé avec elle à 2 reprises, sur des illustrations réslisées par ordinateur et en aquarelle.
Elle travaille vite et reste toujours à notre écoute.
Merci !!
Dr. Judith Mine Hattab
CNRS Researcher, Paris
I am very thankful to Olga for creating two Figures for our review. Olga and I had several extended conversations where I explained the main topic of our review and what I would like to depict in the Figures. Olga readily took on board and implemented my comments and suggestions. We went through another round of revisions after receiving informal feedback on the manuscript from my colleagues, and then – from the reviewers. This was a very positive process. I use illustrations now in my research talks, and I have received positive feedback from other scientists.
Dr. Olena Riabinina
PI, Durham University, UK

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