What I Do


Clear, Efficient, Fast

My goal is to boost your article citation and acceptance rates with appealing and clear visual supports. I stay with you throughout the process until manuscript acceptance.

Based on your written description, I first create pencil outlines and discuss them with you until we find the right one. You choose the desired style: watercolors, digital, line art or other.  I then create appelaing and clear figures that strongly reinforce your message.

- 01

Graphical concept

I structure all available information you have to reinforce the main message and provide you with the visual representation of your ideas.

- 02


Figure layout, clear and readable graphs, consistent style, explanatory cartoons.

- 03


Simple explanation of complex subjects

- 04

Illustrated stories

I create fun stories to present your findings to other scientists and illustrate them. Kids would love them, and adults too!

- 05

Sci Art

Artistic images for your topic. Hand draw, watercolors, digital. For journal cover or your important presentation that everybody will remember.